Well, Im going to try and do a little summary of the game itself. There are five things that someone needs to know when talking about either a game or a book, or even a series of books. Who, What, When, Where and Why, so a couple of these questions are pretty easy to answer Who for example would simply refer to the person playing the game and the character they are portraying, doesn't matter what the persons history is or anything like that because obviously the game will only exist from the players point of view while they are playing. Where: a planet orbiting the sun Luyten. When: 2213. What: now this one gets a little more complicated but if you have read some of the stuff I have posted on here you already know that it will be about a conflict over the planet between two races, humans and gaians. Why: I think most people almost anyone could sum this up pretty simply, because human nature requires man to conquer. There you have it. Obviously there are a lot of details that are left out and some of those are simply because i haven't decided on them yet, others are because I am saving them as sort of surprises for the game itself.