Black Tower

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Hi there, 
I am Tadasu.  I aspire to make Black Tower into a popular and intuitive text based sci fi role playing game.

Black Tower is set on a planet named Abyss. Abyss is a planet that has recently been colonized by humans. There are two playable races in Black Tower; Humans and Abyssals. Black Tower is primarily a role playing game with combat aspects to it, although most combat will be with other players there are some npcs who you can fight.

I wanted to give you a little more run down on the reasons that i have created this website. Firstly I am working on a game called Black Tower, that much you may have surmised. Black Tower will be a text based sci fi role playing game, and can actually be categorized in the gaming world as a MUD (multi user dungeon) a MUSH (multi user shared hallucination) or a MOO which simply stands for Multiuser Object Oriented. I know i know Im throwing all these acronyms around like Im the military or something but each one of those types of games has a history, if you are interested there are links to the wiki with information about that stuff. 

Anyways back to what i was saying. Alot of what you will find in here is back story information on the game itself. Another reason that i built this website is in the hopes of generating some money from it to run the game, Im not going to hide this or be tricky about it, you likely have already noticed the ads on some of the pages. 

This website is registered with Google adsense which allows you to generate profit from website traffic if you are interested in learning more about that simply Google the word adsense. On top of all that i have one more ulterior motive and that is that i hope to attract some MUD coders and builders who are interested in building a new, fun and intuitive mud game, to that end you are someone like that I would really appreciate it if you sent me an email, mine can be found on the contacts page.

All content contained herein are Copyrighted under the sole property of Raymon Johnstone excluding the background which was obtained through google pictures. It is also to be understood that the mud Black Tower is in no way affiliated with the books written by Steven King .

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