Character Diaries

My name is Dren Brak. I joined the crew of the Santa Maria with pure intent, I wanted a clean slate. Moving to a newly colonized planet seemed to me about the closest thing to a clean slate as I could get. 

A life of drugs, alcohol and crime leads to a certain level of degredation in ones life. There is only so much crap that can happen to one person before they start looking at their life and realize that something needs to change. 

That change for me was the Santa Maria and Abyss. Mind you had I known what it would mean beforehand I never would have gone. Even in the face of the life I was living. It all started out well we landed on the planet with no trouble all scans and sensors showed green. 

The trouble started when we started clear cutting an area for the settlement. These creatures where like nothing I had ever seen before they attacked us without warning. Our immediate thought was that it was some unintelligent carnivores defending their hunting grounds, but it quickly became obvious that they weren't.

 After half an hour of fighting a creature we knew nothing about we realized that we where fighting a losing battle so we recalled back to the ship. They didn't follow, what I couldnt understand was how all the probes and prelimary scans never showed an incling of there being intelligent life on the planet.

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