Alternate Earth

(Q)Are there non-human inhabitants of this planet (elves, dwarves, aliens)? If so, how numerous? How openly present? What areas do they occupy (examples: dwarves in mountains or caves, elves in forests, etc.)?

(A)Yes there is an indigenious species on this planet called Abyssals, they can be seen wandering almost every area of the planet, Although they primarily occupy the forests.

(Q)How similar are the history and culture of the alternate earth to real history and culture? Why is it so similar/different?

(A)The History of Abyss differs greatly from the history of earth in that the indigenous population has found much betters ways to actually coexist with nature rather then destroy it. The culture of the Abyssals before the arrival of humans was

bot very art oriented and science oriented.

(Q)Is there a specific historical point where this world split off from ours (e.g., Napoleon won at Waterloo)? If so, what was it? How long ago was it? How much has changed and will continue to change as a result?

(A)The hostory of Abyss although not identical can be said to have split from the history of earth when the indigigenous population of the planet cracked their genetic code and learned how to manipulate it to better themselves and the planet as well. Although before that point in many ways Abyssla where making the same mistakes humans where making in the 20th and 21st century after that point the history of Abyss splits and resembles earth in no way whatsoever.


(Q)In which geographical areas will the story take place?

(A)On The planet of Abyss, there are great wandering fields and meadows, High tracherous mountain path, deep musky tunnels within the caverns of mountains and bedrock, vast oceans, and deep jungles. As well as the human colony and many Abyssal settlements.

(Q)How much ground will the story cover?

(A)All of the fore mentioned areas will be accessible to players.

(Q)What are the most striking features of landscape, climate, animals, etc. in thisarea?

(A)Well there are Abyss has two suns, the most striking features are the vast lush green plains and the deep untamed jungles.

(Q)How will these features affect travel time, communication, etc.?

(A)Some areas will only be accessible by certain vehicles for example the peeks of the red mountains can only be reached by aerodine. In terms of communication generally it wont be affected since both humans and abyssals have developed some sort of long distance communication device. 

Climate and Geography

(Q)Have human activities affected climate, landscape, etc. in various regions? How? (Example: Sahara Desert growth has been increased by over-farming.) If this is an alternate earth, will the “alternate” part change existing effects? 

(A)Yes Human are attempting to terraform the planet so much of the area around the colony resembles earth in many ways. As well as the fact that there are some areas ( around mining stations and processing depots) where polution has started to become visible.

(Q)How does abyss differ from Earth (multiple suns, moons, etc.) affect the climate in various areas?

(A)Well to start with Abyss has two suns, the result of that is that most of the planet is a temperate zone.

(Q)How much land is in each of the equatorial, temperate, and polar zones?

(A)This Im not honestly sure about yet.

(Q)Where are major mountain ranges? Rivers and lakes? Deserts? Forests, tropical and otherwise? Grasslands and plains?

(A)See my planetary map to answer these questions.

Natural Resources

(Q)Which areas are the most fertile farmland? Where are mineral resources located?

(A)See my planetary map to answer these questions.

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